About Us

Ibarak Travel Limited has been offering travel and holiday solutions for years now specializing in customized as well as ready-made itineraries across Kenya. We offer the discerning traveler a unique opportunity to travel Kenya and discover amazing beauty. Kenya is adorned with amazing beauty all over. From magnificent palm lined beaches and world class beach resorts to city hotels, camping bases, road safaris, air safaris, trekking and hiking. We have every solution for you. We serve you the best of Kenya from City business and adventure holidays to the awesome Rift Valley with its game rich lakes as well as mountain climbing in Mt. Kenya, Elgon, Longonot, Aberdares ranges and Mt. Kilimanjaro (Africa’s tallest mountain).

We are a comprehensive holiday safari outfit offering a wide range of services including air travel tickets to all major destinations around the world as well as local airports serving Kenya and Africa. We are also a fully-fledged travel solutions outfit offering car hire services with a range of classic, budget and group travel solutions. We also offer hotel and accommodation booking, reservations. Every traveler has unique choices as well as budgets and we always advise and recommend the best. All across Kenya, huge investments have been made in the hotel industry and you will be spoilt for choice.

For special needs, we are able to deliver the best choice from customized adventure trucks, large haul buses, saloons, 4x4s and even sports and adventure motor bikes. Ibarak Travel Limited also offers airport, rail port transfers. Get picked or dropped from your hotel to the airport, rail station or to any other hotel at very affordable prices, classic service offered by experienced drivers in well maintained vehicles.

Ibarak Travel Limited proudly presents the diverse and rich cultures of Kenya taking you deep into the heart of Kenya. Visit the Maasai and get immersed in the adorable Maasai culture. Learn about the history of Kenya and its people. All the way from the coast to the highlands, the excitement never ends. Make us your preferred travel and holiday choice for the best of experiences and a memorable stay in Kenya.